Woman deliberately scalded with kettle of boiling water by torturer at Haringey flat

By Russ Lawrence in Local People

A violent brute who tortured his girlfriend by pouring a scalding hot kettle of boiling water over her is facing a lengthy jail sentence.

During the frenzied and prolonged beating inflicted by Fiston Onyumbe at a Tottenham flat, the woman also suffered spinal and facial fractures.

At the Old Bailey on Monday, Onyumbe admitted a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent.

The 32-year-old also pleaded guilty to assault after headbutting a police officer during his arrest.

The court heard police were called to a disturbance at a flat in Pymmes Road, Tottenham in January where Onyumbe appeared to be hiding a blood-covered naked woman under a duvet in the bedroom.

The woman managed to silently mouth words to the officers and they promptly arrested him.

Footage filmed by officers on body-worn cameras following his arrest recorded the woman’s statement in which she described how she had been repeatedly punched in the face, strangled and had boiling water poured over her as Onyumbe attempted to interrogate her.

Earlier the same day the woman had been attacked by Onyumbe in the street.after they had been to a club in Dalston, Hackney,

The violence continued at the flat in Tottenham, which belonged to a third party

The woman described how she tried to escape and had jumped out of the first-floor window.

But Onyumbe caught her , dragged her back up the stairs banging her head against the bannisters and into the flats where she suffered serious burns and broken bones.

Folliwng his conviction, Crown Prosecution Service reviewing lawyer, Thomas Short said:“This was an extremely disturbing act of domestic violence carried out as part of a sustained assault. Fiston Onyumbe’s victim suffered extreme pain from the boiling water but, despite her pleas, he continued his attack which would no doubt have been even more serious had it not been interrupted by the police officers.

“Her account of what happened was captured almost immediately by body worn video cameras worn by the police and she was able to describe the attack later.

“Measures were put in place by the CPS to help her give evidence and it was when she attended to give evidence that Onyumbe entered this guilty plea, meaning that she did not have to re-live her ordeal in court,” he added.

 Onyumbe is scheduled to to be sentenced on at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, July 26 .

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