Businessman claims latest Cycle Enfield works hitting trade

By Adrian Colley in Community News

Traders are up in arms over works for a new cycle route which they claim are disrupting business.

The latest stage of the huge mini-Holland project is causing congestion and hitting takings, they claim.

Rich Turner, manager of Lords DIY, complains that work at the junction of Ridge Avenue and Church Street, to create the A105 route, is punishing traders.

His shop is in Bush Hill Parade and the A105 is often thick with traffic.

He said: “Businesses are panicking. We have 27 shops in the area. I am just on the edge of where the main works are and my business is down by 23% since the work started on January 9.

“If mine is down by that much then you can guarantee others are doing worse.

“I am looking at another four months of lost trade if this is anything to go by.”

He has criticised ’shockingly poor’ reports on the creation of the cycleway and says nobody spoke to businesses along the route.

Mr Turner says that routes using back roads rather than main roads should have been considered and says London mayor Sadiq Khan should visit the site.

A petition which can be signed in his shop calls for the work to stop and for Enfield Council cabinet member for environment Daniel Anderson to resign.

The Cycle Enfield proposals across the borough will cost approximately £42m over four years and Enfield Council says more cycling will cut congestion, improve air quality and have health benefits by cutting obesity.

The council said: “Cycle Enfield is a once in a lifetime opportunity to dramatically improve the borough’s transport links and regenerate our town centres.

“Nonetheless, a scheme of this magnitude inevitably requires a degree of short-term disruption, particularly whilst complex junction remodelling is taking place, such as those at Ridge Avenue.

“However, our contractors are working as quickly as possible to complete the works, improve the traffic flow in the area and bring this exciting scheme ever closer to fruition.”

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Candida Burns · 146 days ago · Report

What a crazy scheme. The decision was made to put in cycle lanes that won't be used by more than a few people. The consultation was a waste of time as the council had to show they were doing something with the £30m they'd already spent no doubt on other wasteful projects. It's a disgrace. Once it's finished it won't see air pollution reduced it will add to it as there's bound to be traffic jams on what will be narrower roads. We should get a rebate on council tax. Buses on 329 route are only going to Wood Green instead of Turnpike Lane & too many bus stops are closed which doesn't help. Have the councillors been to Green Lanes to see the chaos?

richard jones · 147 days ago · Report

Not only are the shops suffering but so are all of those people wanting to use the 329 and W8 bus routes. At present the bus stop outside St Stephens church and the stop prior to this are closed. There is no information when they will reopen again or where the next open stop is. There has been no advanced warnings on the bus stop closures.

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